Pink Romance

Take Back Your Favorite Shade

Pink is making a comeback in 2016. The shade previously reserved for little girl’s rooms and outdated bathrooms has taken on a new life. Pink has become a new neutral, perfect for adding a hint of color to the white rooms we’ve been seeing the past few years.
With rose quartz named one of the colors of the year, we are more ready than ever to embrace this chic shade.

Check out our Pinterest board to view even more images!

Rose Gold

Komar La Maison Wall Mural. Other images via Pinterest.

 Rose gold is one of the hottest trends of the moment. It’s a fresh take on the metallic gold designs of the past few years. The versatile finish can be paired with vintage or modern decor to match  your personal style.



Ainsley Pink Boho Floral from Kismet Collection. Other image via Pinterest.

Florals are always in style, but this year we’re seeing more subdued shades that go well with simple pieces and understated decor. Instead of the hot pink and black combo, blush and sage green are the key colors.



Brynn Grey Paisley Stripe from Kismet Collection. Other images via Pinterest.

Pink and lace are both things that have been labeled the dreaded “frilly” in the past. Now these two classics have combined to form something that is far from that. Heritage lace patterns are done in cool shades of dove grey and antique blush, bringing back the classic elegance of the designs.



Light Pink Damask wallpaper from Springtime Cottage collection. Other images via Pinterest.

Watercolors are another one of the hottest trends of the season. This soft design ties in with the comeback of handmade products. When done in chic pink shades, watercolors take on a romantic feel, with the hazy shades gracefully flowing from one to the next.



Carlise Pink Floral Stripe from Ami collection. Other images via Pinterest.

As vintage pieces have come back into style in fashion, they’ve also been appearing in  home decor. The nod to the past allows for a greater range of decor pieces. This vintage pink floral wallpaper has a chic watercolor finish, tying in the last trend, with a contemporary stripe pattern. The mixture of styles creates an eclectic style you can make all your own.

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Making the Fall Style Transition with Our Friends from Julep! Recently, we had the chance to work with our friends from Julep to design a style board around our favorite shade from their fall nail polish collection. With so many colors to choose from, we decided why just choose one color when we had 2 obvious winners? So, we decided to create two boards to show you what color trends we are into this fall and how they can easily transition from home décor to beauty and even to fashion. One look is a little soft while the other is totally glam! We'll leave ...
Chinoiserie Chic Historical - Romantic - Timeless Image via SF Girl by Bay This beautiful decorating style has a long history. Dating back to the seventeenth century, chinoiserie has transformed through the generations. A mixture of East and West filled with romantic details and idyllic imagery, this cultured design theme has a lovely and ornate look. From Asian inspired fabrics to botanical wallpaper designs, chinoiserie can take on a va...

An Easy Transformation with Komar

Beautiful New Wall Murals

rose wall mural

The ever so lovely Velvet Wall Mural

Sit back and watch your room transform with these stylish NEW wall murals by Komar. Featuring vibrant florals, an island oasis, bright colors and faux finishes, this beautiful collection will enchant your room from top to bottom. Not just for bedrooms or living rooms, murals can be installed wherever you like including kitchens, bathrooms, offices, entryways and more. Watch below how every space in your home can easily be given a new look and all with just one simple addition.


Bring that wow-factor to your entryway with a captivating mural design such as this unique faux wood print that features a variety of beautiful textures.

faux wood wall mural

Lumbercheck Wall Mural


Easily lighten up your kitchen with fresh flowers or a tropical oasis!

tropical wall mural

Miami Wall Mural

floral wall mural

The Light Blue & Provence Wall Murals

Living Room:

Murals work very well in a living space because no matter the size of your room, an eye-catching design will open up your area making it seem much larger than it actually is.

rose wall mural

Intense Wall Mural

living room mural

The Happiness & Marmoro Wall Murals


What’s better than waking up to a gorgeous garden scene everyday? With one of these beautiful botanical murals you can, and all without having to get out of bed!

urban wall mural

Urban Jungle Wall Mural

botanical wall mural

The Botanica & La Maison Wall Murals


Turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa retreat. From elegant florals to picturesque nature scenes, create a space that makes you feel refreshed and beautiful!

blossom wall mural

Blossom Wall Mural


From a reception area to your own office, create an inspiring workplace with one of these fabulous mural designs that come to life on walls.

succulent wall mural

Shades Wall Mural

contemporary wall mural

Serafina Wall Mural

To see more intriguing mural designs head on over to our website!

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Beachy Scene Wall Murals of Paradise The ocean is a stirring and romantic site, flaunting all the blues from turquoise to navy, glittering in the sunlight and sweeping the shore off of its feet into eternity. Are you inspired by the ocean? Our stunning beach theme murals bring the beauty of the seaside indoors.  For coastal charm with a kick, a beach themed mural truly brings the look of the sea to life on your walls, re-imagining the interior of your space as an ocean view! Tropical beach murals dotted with palm trees, Nordic c...

Go On A Virtual Vacation

A Winter Get-Away…Almost

Winter is here in full force dropping snow all over the country, so it’s only natural that we’ve started dreaming of warmer days. While summer may be months away, it’s never too early to create a tropical oasis in your home.
We have a wide selection of murals featuring all of your favorite tropical locales. So, cover your wall with a sea shore paradise, crank up the heat, make yourself a fruity beverage, and you’ll be feeling like it’s summer in no time!


This Maldives mural is a tropical oasis. The secluded island view is the perfect escape from the chilly winter weather. You can take a virtual tour through this video on pilotmadeleine’s YouTube channel. The drone footage makes it feel as though you’re flying over the beach!


Bring the beauty of Miami beaches into your home with this large wall mural. A bright color palette of pinks, purples, and greens makes it feel as though you’re watching the sunset on the shore.
For a video experience, watch 8K Next’s video giving a tour of this colorful city and tropical beaches.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is famous for it’s beautiful straw beach huts, gorgeous weather, and breathtaking views. For relaxing view of the island, you can watch this beautiful video from the Chillout Channel and feel like you’re taking a helicopter ride above the island.


Santorini, Greece is a beautiful seaside town full of colorful homes and breathtaking views. While the closest we may have gotten to visiting is watching The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, it doesn’t stop us from dreaming! The Chillout Channel on YouTube has another beautiful video of the island that only makes us want to go more.

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Beachy Scene Wall Murals of Paradise The ocean is a stirring and romantic site, flaunting all the blues from turquoise to navy, glittering in the sunlight and sweeping the shore off of its feet into eternity. Are you inspired by the ocean? Our stunning beach theme murals bring the beauty of the seaside indoors.  For coastal charm with a kick, a beach themed mural truly brings the look of the sea to life on your walls, re-imagining the interior of your space as an ocean view! Tropical beach murals dotted with palm trees, Nordic c...

Introducing Reclaimed

What’s Old is Truly New Again

Reclaimed is a stunning new collection of wallpaper inspired by the beauty of the past. The inspiration for the collection came from walking the streets of historic New England towns, perusing antique markets and exploring old salvage yards.The idea of repurposing materials into new uses is a very eco-chic notion, where remnants of the past are rejuvenated rather than discarded.
With this collection you can create the wood accent wall of your dreams, get the vintage wallpaper ceiling tiles you’ve always admired in coffee shops, and embrace your mid-century mod side with geometric wood tile designs.

tin tile wallpaper

Tin ceiling tiles are romantic with an antique patina and classic color schemes.


This vintage wallpaper gives a unique look, accented by antique decor and trendy succulents.

Mailboxes from another era, vintage shutters, and recovered ceiling tiles, alongside industrial grade concrete wallpaper, tarnished metals, mill city bricks, and weathered wood wall wallpaper, are all cast with the beautiful patina that only time can bestow. Brick effect wallpaper gives a loft apartment look.


Getting a brick accent wall has never been easier.


This modern wood wallpaper puts a new spin on the ubiquitous feature wall.

Many of the designs evoke a midcentury modern impression, with an eclectic mix of glamour and simplicity.


This wood wallpaper puts a bright twist on the classic wood design.


Corrugated metal wallpaper is a different take on the ubiquitous accent wall.

A fine array of printing techniques, including tactile inks, metallics, and foil substrates bring a life-like depth to the designs for a gritty and authentic effect. Lift the look of any space with this modern approach to décor, influenced by the character of reclaimed materials.


Revamp the look of your walls instantly with these stunning industrial wall murals.

Reclaimed features two murals, the Warehouse Windows and Salvaged Shutters. Both of these stunning murals have a photorealistic look

View the entire collection on our website.

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The Fab 8! Our Favorite Decorating Blogs Revealed

8 Fabulous Design Blogs That Inspire

apartment therapy

Apartment Therapy’s “Curl Up With a Coffee and Enjoy These Cozy, Winter-Ready Outdoor Spaces” post which is a favorite of ours!

1. Apartment Therapy

With over 8 million unique monthly visitors, Apartment Therapy is definitely doing something right! And so it’s no surprise that they are at the top of our list as being one of the best design blogs out there. With style trends, DIY ideas, entertaining tips, renovation help and now even a special section dedicated to weddings, this site is just getting better with age.

apartment therapy house tour

Cottage House Tour, Sausalito, CA – Apartment Therapy

apartment therapy home tour

A beautiful detailed shot from the above house tour via Apartment Therapy

One of our favorite sections to visit daily has to be the Tours tab. Allowing you to peek into some of the most beautifully decorated apartments, studios and workspaces around, although you might feel a bit of envy at first (we sure did!), this beneficial tool can help you discover your own personal style as well offer tips and tricks on making everything in your space work together in perfect harmony.

diy midcent credenza

Before & After DIY Credenza via Apratment Therapy

Another spot that you should spend more than just a couple minutes is the Before & After’s where you can watch ordinary and outdated furniture become new again or a tiny living space opened up and refreshed. This tab will definitely inspire and maybe just get you motivated to spruce something up in your own home.

2. Design Milk

Design Milk slides into our #2 category. Focusing more on art, architecture and design, we love it because it’s a place that sparks creativity while featuring information that you really can’t find anywhere else. From columns such as Get Out! which showcase unique and sometimes obscure outdoor items such as chairs, grills, lamps and more, to Deconstruction which strips down products to show you how exactly they were made, you definitely will never be left bored, rather quite the opposite.

design milk where I work

Where I Work: Nina Bruun of Muuto via Design Milk

Design Milk

Details around Nina Bruun’s Copenhagen office via Design Milk

inspired work space

An inspired view from above via Design Milk

The section Where I Work is an area that we like to frequent quite often not just for the gorgeous work spaces that have us thinking how can we transform our own office, but also because of the inspiring people behind them. Each story features a Q&A that allows you to take a glance inside some of the most coveted jobs and spaces around the globe.

3. Remodelista

A fantastic sourcebook for inspiration, Remodelista is home to millions of photographs, experts, products, advice and more. Whether you are in the process of renovating or not, this is the place where you’ll find that next great idea! Shop editor’s picks, peruse through popular styles such as rustic, modern and industrial or rather sit back and let your mouse take the reigns.

summer tabletop setting

Steal This Look: Tiina’s Summer Tabletop Setting via Remodelista

modern table setting

It’s all in the details! Steal This Look via Remodelista

Steal This Look happens to be a favorite section of ours. From a serene bedroom in London to a gorgeous summer tabletop top setting, Steal This Look allows you to replicate everything you see by giving you a list of items and products so that you can create the same exact look in your own home. Now how great is that?

repurposed door kitchen table

5 Quick Fixes: Repurposed Doors as Decor via Remodelista

5 Quick Fixes is another great place to check out. From solutions to anchoring your outdoor tablecloth to new ways to hang art, this is a wonderful source that gives you new and creative ideas to use all throughout your home.

4. Habitually Chic

new orleans home

House Envy via Habitually Chic

Sara Ruffin Costello habitually chic

Sara Ruffin Costello in her New Orleans home via Habitually Chic

new orleans kitchen

Kitchen details in Sara Ruffin Costello’s New Orleans home via Habitually Chic

Coming in at #4 is the fashionable blog Habitually Chic. With the tagline “Glamorous Lives & Stylish Places”, you know it has to be good! Featured in Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Domino, Habitually Chic takes you from gorgeous spaces around the world to the best in fashion, color inspiration and even a peek into some great movies (all for the decor of course!).

5. Quintessence

interior design inspiration

Carolyne Roehm for Baccarat Holiday via Quintessence

Run by Stacey Bewkes, art director turned blogger, Quintessence takes you on a journey through beautiful art, stunning design, inspired spaces, fashion, travel and a whole lot more. We absolutely love her videos that feature a look into designers and friends homes such as ready to wear bridal designer Lela Rose. These videos give you a front row seat to tour the most beautiful spaces around that you would never have had the chance to view without Stacey!

6. Fashionable Hostess

how to host a garden party

How to host a garden party via Fashionable Hostess

From your home to your table to your wardrobe, the Fashionable Hostess has us mesmerized! Giving us tips for hosting the perfect weekend brunch to unbelievable tablescapes, this is the blog we come to for all our entertaining needs whether it be the menu, set-up or just how to make a great lasting impression.

nursery decor ideas

Nursery merchandising ideas via Fashionable Hostess

Also featured is a whole section that focuses on your special little one. With adorable nursery ideas, first birthday tips and the cutest fashion you ever will see, we could spend all day scrolling through this extra sweet tab.

7. Dear Lillie


A look into Jennifer Holmes den via Dear Lillie

Featuring a host of cottage style decorating ideas, Dear Lillie written by Jennifer Holmes (wife, mother and blogger!), takes you on a journey through the French countryside with an array of beautiful vintage furniture hacks. From a DIY Restoration Hardware inspired rolling cart to a chic tufted ottoman, these step by step tutorials should not be missed.

8. Reading My Tea Leaves


Snapshot from “My Week in Objects (mostly)” via Reading My Tea Leaves

Reading My Tea Leaves may be the most fascinating blogs to read through. Author Erin Boyle shows you the beauty of living simply. With decluttering solutions for the New Year to her series “Life in a Tiny Apartment”, she shows you that you don’t need a ton of “stuff” to live a fabulous life.

Another series on the blog that’s truly captivating is the one labeled “Make-Believe“. Whether it’s exploring the Oregon coast on an afternoon or dreaming up the perfect entryway, this enticing section creates a lovely collage of items to enjoy or create just that.

What is your favorite decorating blog? We would love to hear so drop us a line @brewsterhome!

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Chinoiserie Chic Historical - Romantic - Timeless Image via SF Girl by Bay This beautiful decorating style has a long history. Dating back to the seventeenth century, chinoiserie has transformed through the generations. A mixture of East and West filled with romantic details and idyllic imagery, this cultured design theme has a lovely and ornate look. From Asian inspired fabrics to botanical wallpaper designs, chinoiserie can take on a va...
Grey Sophistication Forever Stylish & Chic Grey - of a neutral tone, intermediate between black and white, that has no hue and reflects and transmits only a little light Image via Houzz Whether you're decorating a living or dining space, or rather a bathroom or bedroom, grey will stand radiant in all four! Today's trendiest neutral, this stylish color can evoke both warm detail and cool sophistication. With the ability to dress wal...

Top 9 Decor Trends We Are Loving for 2016

Keep Your Home Fresh & Fabulous This Year!

2016 Decor Trends

Image via Pinterest

New year, new set of trends! Every year we get extremely excited to see what decor trends may have stuck around and which ones are completely fresh and new. In 2015 we saw a ton of blue, bold and modern geometrics, decor with an industrial chic edge and of course glistening metallics. So what’s in store for the coming year? We thought you would never ask! Come and explore with us the top trends we are just head over heels for in 2016. From blush pinks to beautiful embellishments, we’re pretty sure we won’t want 2016 to ever end.

1. Think PINK!

Who doesn’t love pink? Ok so maybe not everyone, but the pink that is making it to the top charts this year is a beautiful soft pink that is effortlessly charming. From pastel pink walls to just a pop of pink, this sweet hue is not one to be missed.

pink decor trend

Images via Pattern Curator, Better Homes and Gardens, Domino & Apartment Therapy

2. Bold Botanicals

Nature has always been a focus in decor but in 2016 it takes a bigger and bolder look. Larger than life florals, birds, trees and leaves help your home keep that eco-chic vibe while also playing with texture and size. Textiles to walls, this trend can be seen from top to bottom and everywhere in between.

botanical prints

Images via Zara Home, WGSN & Brewster Home Fashions

3. Yes, Wallpaper!

We saw wallpaper take a huge leap last year and it is still going strong! This year we see natural surfaces take flight such as faux woods, brick and stone as well as retro style geometrics, metallics and wallpaper done in more soft and subtle hues. Also trending for the new year, wallpaper in the kitchen!

faux wood wallpaper

Images via Reclaimed Wallpaper Collection (coming soon!)

geometric wallpaper

Images via Symetrie by A-Street Prints

4. Deep Blues

The color blue might have been the star of 2015 but we are still continuing to watch it gain momentum. In 2016 expect to see a lot more indigo as well as pairings of blue and white. Coating textiles such as curtains, rugs and pillows to dinnerware and furniture, this fabulous trend is especially easy to incorporate into your own home.

indigo decor

Images via Anthropologie, WGSN, Neiman Marcus & Decorista

5. Reclaimed & Repurposed

We’ve been seeing the appreciation for vintage materials and goods gradually increase throughout the years and 2016 is no different. From tiles that look to have been aged over time to wood planks chipped with paint, these imperfect textures and finishes are bigger than ever.

reclaimed wood surfaces

Images via WGSN & Brewster Home Fashions

6. Glistening Gold

The color gold can truly transform a room. That’s why we weren’t surprised to see it among the top home decor trends once again. Coupled with other warm metallics such as copper and nickel, these glistening hues are definitely sticking around.

gold decor

Images via WGSN, H&M, Real Simple and Brewster Home Fashions

7. Welcoming Words

We’re no longer just seeing sweet sentiments such as love and home sweet home on doormats or signs that welcome you inside but we are seeing them all throughout the home. From words on the wall to bedspreads and pillows that speak happiness, 2016 is the year where our hopes, dreams, thoughts and more adorn all of our decor. 

welcome decor

Images via WGSN & Script by Eijffinger

8. Chinoiserie Chic

Also making a splash in 2016, beautiful chinoiserie prints! With an Asian influence, these cultured designs feature graceful florals, harmonious toiles and elegant nature scenes that add an exotic touch to walls and textiles alike.

chinoiserie decor

Images via Brewster Home Fashions, Apartment Therapy and Elements of Style Blog

9. Fine Embellishments

Last but not least we love all the embellished finishes that are adorning linens, wall coverings, cushions, throws and more. Beautiful beading, luxe flock detailing and fabulous fringe are a few of our favorites.

embellished decor

Images via WGSN & Script by Eijffinger

Which is your favorite decor trend for 2016? Share with us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram @brewsterhome!

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Best Tips For An Organized Closet

Get Your Wardrobe in Order for 2016

The new year is a time to get things in order. A time to do the things you’ve been putting off for the past few months or even years.
One way to kickstart your new year is by organizing your closet. A clean closet will help to speed up your morning routine and buy you extra time to try out the healthy breakfast ideas you found on Pinterest!


pair down your closet

Images via Pinterest

Paring down your closet is one of the most important ways to make it fresh and clean. No matter how well you organize, if there’s no space in your closet, there’s not much that a bin or shelf can do. When making the decision to keep or let something go, ask yourself:
Do I enjoy wearing this?
Does this fit?
Is this comfortable?
If the answer to any of these questions is no, it may be time to remove it from your closet. You can bring your clothes to donation centers, give them to a friend, sell them on resale sites, or recycle them into something new.

Color Code

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

Organizing your closet by color can make it both aesthetically pleasing and easier to find things. Whether your closet is bursting with all the colors of the rainbow, or goes from black to grey to white, color coding makes for a clean looking closet. This can be done in minutes and doesn’t require anything other than a basic understanding of the color wheel.

Hide It Away


Images via Pinterest

 Bins, baskets, and suitcases are a great way to store items that can’t be hung, or are too bulky to store elsewhere. Sweaters, scarves, belts, and sheets can be put in these tidy containers and tucked away. Store them under the bed, on shelves, or on the floor of the your closet. This is especially great for tucking away seasonal items that you won’t need for a few months.

Coat Hanger Chic

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

The perfect way to polish off your closet is with matching coat hangers. Switching from an assortment of colors and types to one style of hanger instantly streamlines the look of a wardrobe. Velvet flocked hangers are great for holding slippery items of clothing, wire hangers have a thin design to maximize space, wooden hangers add a boutique feel, and plastic hangers are a great way to maintain a post-holiday budget.

Wait, I Don’t Have A Closet!

no closet tips

Images via Pinterest

No closet, no problem!
If you live in a dorm or apartment without a closet, there are ways to work around it. Use clothing racks, open shelving, and all of the tips above to make your wardrobe a centerpiece of your decor. With this design you’ll never forget about items in your wardrobe, and you’ll be able to admire your favorite pieces all the time.

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Go On A Virtual Vacation A Winter Get-Away...Almost Winter is here in full force dropping snow all over the country, so it's only natural that we've started dreaming of warmer days. While summer may be months away, it's never too early to create a tropical oasis in your home. We have a wide selection of murals featuring all of your favorite tropical locales. So, cover your wall with a sea shore paradise, crank up the heat, make yourself a fruity beverage, and you'll be feeling like it's summer in no time! Maldives ...
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Video: White Brick Feature Wall

Makeover Your Room in Minutes

exposed brick wall

Images via Pinterest

Exposed brick feature walls are one of the biggest trends to emerge in home décor over the past few years. White brick takes this trend one step further, creating a subtle contrast that brightens up bare walls and gives the perfect amount of visual intrigue.

This feature wall was created using a brand new peel and stick wallpaper that can be applied in minutes. The wallpaper required no paste or brushes, simply remove the paper backing and adhere the design smoothly on the wall.
The best part is that the wallpaper doesn’t harm the surfaces it’s applied to. When it’s time to come down, simply peel it off—no tools needed. This is the perfect décor solution if you live in a rental or dorm.

To see how to create your own white brick feature wall, watch the video below:

brick feature wallDSC_0065


Visit our website to purchase your own White Brick NuWallpaper and see the rest of the collection.

If you try this project in your own home, we would love to see! Tag us on Instagram or Twitter @BrewsterHome.

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Video: DIY Holiday Decor

‘Tis The Season for DIYIMG_0203

This year we’re doing the holidays ourselves with these simple DIY decorations. We’ve created an enchanted wonderland complete with a winter village, colorful fringe trees, and sparkling snowflakes.

Watch the video below to see how to make it all!

Winter VillageIMG_0103

White Brick Wallpaper, poster board, double sided tape, craft knife (Use with caution. Not safe for children).

Fringe Trees

Supplies: Blue Wallpaper, Silver Wallpaper, Gold Wallpaper, cardboard, packing tape, double sided tape or glue, scissors.

Sparkling Snowflakessnowflakes
Supplies: Snowflake Wallpaper, gift ribbon, scissors.

If you make these, we would love to see! Share them on Instagram and tag @BrewsterHome.

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Discover the Beauty of NuWallpaper

A NEW Peel & Stick Wallpaper Collection

trellis peel and stick wallpaper

Navy Grand Trellis Peel & Stick Wallpaper

It’s now easier than ever to enjoy the look of wallpaper! The latest innovation in wall decor, NuWallpaper is a peel and stick wallpaper solution that can be installed in just minutes and taken down in seconds. Designed on a premium material that will not damage furniture or walls, we couldn’t be happier to introduce this modern collection of designs that makes decorating and redecorating your home an easy task.

dandelion nuwallpaper

Give your bedroom a sweet upgrade with this pretty dandelion peel and stick wallpaper

With an array of beautiful and contemporary patterns that include stripes, damasks, faux effects and geometrics to cute and cuddly prints, makeover your living room, update your kitchen or create your dream nursery with this chic and stylish mix. Not just for walls, NuWallpaper can also be used on a variety of smooth, flat surfaces for an instant upgrade! Redo an old bookshelf or create a fashionable staircase with your favorite peel and stick design. There are so many possibilities when it comes to NuWallpaper that we can’t wait to see what peel and stick project you dream up next! 

woods peel and stick wallpaper

From your home office to your child’s nursery, a cozy corner nook or newly designed bookcase, the enchanted Gray Woods NuWallpaper looks fabulous anywhere it’s placed! (also comes in blue)

damask peel and stick wallpaper

This stylish and chic damask print makes a stunning feature wall

black and white peel and stick wallpaper

Three glamorous black and white designs!

faux effect peel and stick wallpaper

Looking for a faux effect wallpaper? Choose between the rustic Beachwood design or the industrial chic Gray and White Brick

animal peel and stick wallpaper

An adorable array of jungle themed wallpaper designs perfect for any nursery or child’s bedroom (see additional colors online)

geometric peel and stick wallpaper

Pink Grand Trellis & Blue Links Peel and Stick NuWallpaper

medallion nuwallpaper

The Jasmine Medallion Peel and Stick Wallpaper looking fashionable on two different surfaces

blue peel and stick wallpaper

The ultra-stylish Byzantine Peel and Stick NuWallpaper

meadow NuWallpaper

Enjoy the beauty of a whimsical garden meadow everyday with this lovely fern NuWallpaper

quatrefoil peel and stick wallpaper

A chic geometric in 3 glorious colorways

Eager to see more? Check out the entire NuWallpaper collection on our website!

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