Video: DIY Holiday Decor

‘Tis The Season for DIYDIY Snowy Holiday Decor

This year we’re doing the holidays ourselves with these simple DIY decorations. We’ve created an enchanted wonderland complete with a winter village, colorful fringe trees, and sparkling snowflakes.

Watch the video below to see how to make it all!

Winter VillageDIY Christmas Village

White Brick Wallpaper, poster board, double sided tape, craft knife (Use with caution. Not safe for children).

Fringe Trees
DIY Fringe Paper Christmas Trees

Supplies: Blue Wallpaper, Silver Wallpaper, Gold Wallpaper, cardboard, packing tape, double sided tape or glue, scissors.

Sparkling Snowflakes
DIY paper snowflakes
Supplies: Snowflake Wallpaper, gift ribbon, scissors.

If you make these, we would love to see! Share them on Instagram and tag @BrewsterHome.

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