Thanks to a certain hit Netflix show, animal print wallpaper is reemerging with great interest in home décor. Due to the ease of decorating with these patterns, you can find an array of accent pieces to complement exotic wallpapers. Animal print wallpaper will leave a lasting impression on guests and your home décor as they showcase a fresh and elegant ambiance. Not to mention their long history with being seen as a luxury statement. Tiger print is enjoying its moment in the spotlight, but big or small, animal prints are a suitable choice for wallpapering. Take a walk on the wild side by incorporating a dapper print or add a bold statement pattern to your walls.

Eclectic Tropic

Tropical meets whimsy in this fun animal print wallpaper. Cheetahs saunter amongst green fronds and pink flowers while the charcoal backdrop adds an exotic flair. This beautifully eclectic wallpaper emphasizes a glamorous style with its bold statement print. Antique fixtures and metallic décor pieces would look ravishing with this design and complete the look of your space.

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Maximalist’s Dream

Source: Michelle’s Instagram

Dress up powder rooms with a lively design. The Horace Flamingos Wallpaper is a bold yet feminine design that features pink and white hues that will make your bathroom pop. Utilizing a hand painted technique, the exotic animal has a whimsical style here. Easily pair black or neutral matte accents with this design to draw in focus.

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Forever Elegant

Source: Grace’s Instagram

One of the more popular designs we’ve seen take flight over the last year is our Windsong Crane Wallpaper. This pattern’s design versatility complements nurseries, eclectic living rooms, or your home offices. The hand-painted cranes are a Japanese symbol of good fortune and longevity – two qualities you can trust comes with each A-Street Prints wallpaper. The marbleized backdrop adds a modern touch that enables this design to be used in a variety of rooms.

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Prancing Delight

Source: Brewster Home Fashions Instagram

A calming neutral, the Forest Fauna ties together this dining area nicely. With a darling silhouette of a prancing deer, rabbits, and trees, this enchanting scene would look sweet in a nursery as well. The loveable forest design is versatile for any styled room! Available in a handful of colorways, this wallpaper will bring a fresh and lively energy to your space.

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Mesmerizing Metallic

Source: WallPops

Not sold on the animal print trend yet? This stunning ogee design is available in a peel and stick option for your walls! Simply peel the backing off the paper, and smooth onto your surface as you tune in to the catalyst of this trend on Netflix. Whether you grow tired of the pattern, or simply want to swap it out for the next big tending design, NuWallpaper is an easily removable substrate allows for that! This brown and white design lends a neutral colorway that will look equal parts exotic and refreshing in any space.

Whether you decide to emulate a safari into your space or use a small animal print pattern to create an accent wall, show off your space with us by tagging #MyBrewsterHome on your favorite social platform.

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