The Eijffinger brand is one that encompasses bold, and exquisite wallpaper. Drawing inspiration from around the world, you can trust that their designs are full of color, and special effects. What better way to pair your artistically woven décor in 2020 than with a one-of-a-kind wallpaper?!

That’s right! Rattan is back and transcending into all aspects of interior design! From seating, to lighting, to mirrors – this natural material is no longer just for coastal style bungalows. Once a 1970’s staple, this unique, beautiful, and artistically woven texture now suits an array of styles. Check out our top five Eijffinger wallpapers that effortlessly complement the look of wicker, rattan, and bamboo pieces.

Coastal Chic

If you’re looking to achieve a tranquil vibe, The Tilde Blue Chevron wallpaper features a watercolor design that emits a soothing atmosphere in your home. With a cool color palette that is reminiscent of the ocean, this wallpaper is a perfect match for bamboo. Sharing similar properties of being light and charming, anything bamboo will complement this wallpaper in your space. For the coastal styled home, might we suggest adding a mirror to your wall décor with this design to emphasize its airy feel. This bamboo mirror from Wayfair is the perfect way to maximize light in your space.

Bold and Beautiful

This tropical inspired wallpaper is the perfect counterpart to a sturdy woven accent like this display shelf at Urban Outfitters. The Eijffinger design features a black backdrop that allows the green fronds to pop, perfect for creating a statement wall in your home. The whimsical, nature inspired wallpaper pairs perfectly with this display shelf as each woven design is made of rattan and bamboo. The exquisite detailing and wallpaper combine effortlessly lending to an overall signature look.

It’s All in the Textures

Rattan furniture pairs exquisitely with this mustard Arvada wallpaper. Featuring heavily textured details, the special effects of this pattern coats your walls with a luxe appearance. Rattan chairs, bar stools, or an ottoman would be the perfect accent for this boho chic design. These bar stools are perfect to incorporate into your home as they are designed to encourage long hours of lounging and are intricately woven and crafted for longevity. Available in a rich blue, muted green, and light grey hue, this botanical pattern has an authentic look in each colorway. The warm undertones of the mustard and sage backdrop paired with uniquely woven furniture pieces will give rooms an organic feel.

Make a Statement

Add a vibrant look to walls with this timeless damask design. The classic pattern features an eclectic twist with its extremely colorful palette. Flowers, ferns, and sprigs curl together creating this beautiful wallpaper. Hosted on a white backdrop, the pink, mustard, and magenta hues pop. Rattan basket wall décor like this arrangement available at Pottery Barn is an essential accent for this design. The warm nature of the woven rattan baskets pairs exquisitely with the color palette offered in this bright wallpaper. Together, this look will instantly add color, light, and warmth into your space.


Featuring an array of textures, the Medallion Seychelles Eijffinger design is simply stunning. Alone, the gold colorway adds an elegant touch to your walls, but together with a bamboo light fixture – your space will dazzle with the metallic geometric print that lays atop of your walls. Consider this bamboo light pendent from West Elm for a refined look. A simple fixture is necessary with this design, as the wallpaper has a very dramatic look. Combining metallics, textures, geometrics, and rich hues – the Seychelles design is a dimensional masterpiece.

How will you be decorating with rattan this season? Be sure to share your eclectic Eijffinger wallpaper and new woven treasures on Instagram with us by using #MyBrewsterHome.

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