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wall mural

Prisma Wall Mural – NEW from Komar

In this case, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” definitely rings true! These stunning wall murals from Komar take you on a majestic journey through picturesque city skylines to wilderness landscapes, bounteous florals bouquets and chic and sophisticated textures.

birch forest

Enjoy the beauty of an enchanted birch forest with this black and white photo mural

If you’re looking for a way to easily revamp your space, these wondrous wall murals will do just the trick! From smaller two panel constructions to larger 4 panel designs, this photorealistic wall art can work in any sized space. Even if you have your heart set on a particular design, you can simply cut any excess material with a craft or utility knife.

Cities & Skylines

From NY to Paris, these larger than life mural designs set you inside the heart of some of the most glamorous cities around the world.

skyline murals

Featuring the Brooklyn, Uptown & Belle Vue Wall Murals

times square mural

A stunning picture of Times Square

Breathtaking Florals

Captivating pictures of florals in full bloom sets your room in the middle of a flourishing garden.

flower murals

Mystic Rose, Allure & Ivory Rose Wall Murals – New from Komar

Faux Finishes

You don’t have to own a loft apartment or beach cottage to enjoy the beauty of exposed brick and rustic wood paneling with these chic textured mural designs.

brick mural

The Bricklane Wall Mural let’s you enjoy the chic look of exposed brick right in your own home.

textured wall murals

Choose one of these shabby chic textures for your next decorating project!


Revel in the natural beauty of the outdoors everyday with these miraculous and breathtaking landscapes.

landscape murals

The Daybreak & Cascade Wall Murals


Wake up happy everyday with these abstract murals that are both whimsical and fun.

abstract flowers

Joli & Jardin Wall Murals

Make sure to check out the rest of the new collection here!

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