Sometimes the most used spaces in our homes are the most overlooked. You walk up and down your stairs every day, and thus may not have noticed how disheveled they’ve become. So how do you get your staircase to fit the rest of your home decor aesthetic? Whether you’re looking to tackle a new household project, or change your interior’s look, redesigning your staircase is a great place to start! We’ve gathered up five unique and trendy ways to help get you inspired.

1. Let’s Run Away

Source: Honestly Wtf

Not only do runners soften the harsh clanking of high heels against wooden stairs, they also add a wonderful color and texture to a space. Whether you make your own, like this exquisite vintage runner, or not, adding a rug to a staircase is a perfect opportunity to bring your stairs to life.

2. Paint Perfect

Create an updated look by painting your stairs. This stormy grey hue complements surrounding white walls perfectly, creating a clean and streamlined look. Whether you go for a bright popping hue or a complementary color, painted staircases are a great way to differentiate a corner of your room.

3. Wallpaper Wonder

Revamp your space with the help of wallpaper. Adding wallpaper is perfect for adding color and brightening up your room. For a more cohesive effect, consider continuing the wallpaper up to the second floor of your home.

4. Staircase of Life

Source: Refinery 29

Add life-literally-to your staircase decor with plants. These beautiful green babies will give your home a welcoming and earthy feel. Not to mention, they’re various sizes are great for making sure no space goes to waste.

5. Mural Magic

Use your stairs to create a stunning mural. This DIY project has a huge impact with for little effort, and truly changes the entire feeling of the room. With hundreds of different images to choose from, the sky’s the limit.