What is Hygge?
You may have seen the word recently floating around Pinterest or Instagram and wondered what it was. Hygge (deceptively pronounced hoo-gah) is a term that comes from a Norwegian word for “wellbeing,” and evolved into a Danish way of life that centers around comfort, coziness, and a sense of harmony. While it has long been a lifestyle in Denmark, hygge started to gain traction overseas last year and is poised to be a big buzzword for 2017. As the pursuit for better, happier living is at the heart of hygge, it’s easy to see why it has been so eagerly emulated.

Principles of Hygge

  • Simplicity: pare down excess to focus on what makes you happy
  • Atmosphere: create and exude an inviting aura
  • Presence: be present, enjoy the moment that you’re in
  • Comfort: feel at ease and untroubled
  • Connection: have a sense of togetherness and community with others

How To Incorporate Hygge Into Your Home
Unsurprisingly, hygge is heavily intertwined with home decor. Your house is your sanctuary, a space all your own that you can tweak and design to cultivate a happy and cozy feeling that you then carry with you out the door into the world. As hygge becomes a larger lifestyle trend, it is becoming an increasingly popular home decor trend as well. We break down ways to bring hygge into your home:

1. Pick a neutral, calming color scheme with natural accents.

2. Create a relaxing atmosphere with candles.

3. Create cozy and inviting spots (or hyggekrog) in your home- use chunky knits, pillows, and lights. The floor in front of a fire, a window seat, or an arm chair in the corner are all ideal for a hygge nook.

4. Declutter and pare down decor to keep only the things that make you happy (but that doesn’t necessarily mean minimalist design- everyone’s way of incorporating hygge will be different, as it is specific to them and their happiness).

5. One of the most important parts of hygge is the interaction and relationships we form with other people. Invite others into your home to spend quality time with them. (Get extra hygge points with a candle-lit dinner.)


April 5, 2017