An Indoor Oasis With Fab!

We were so excited to see the fabulous room that blogger, designer, and author Justina Blakeney created in her home using the Komar Into The Wild Wall Mural.
She knows that the inevitable winter is inching closer and closer, but it doesn’t mean your home has to become a snowy space. She writes:

As the colder months approach, cravings for the outdoors only grows. But turn your home into an indoor oasis, and you can enjoy a jungalicious retreat all year long! Use these simple tips, ideas and fun Fab pieces to turn your living room from mild to wild.

Justina-Blakeney-Into The Wild Mural

Image from The Jungalow.

She created an absolutely stunning space in her den that is just bursting with color. Her carefully curated mixture of patterns and designs creates a beautiful, uplifting harmony that makes the space feel like summer time year round.

Close up Into The Wild Mural

Image from The Jungalow.

Justina gives five tips on how to create an oasis in your own home, the first being:

1.) Create Lush walls.

Do this by painting your walls a pretty, deep green or by hanging a jungalicious wall mural, like this Into The Wild Wall Mural. I hung the mural in our den and instantaneously the room felt wild, tropical and really, really fresh.


Image from The Jungalow.

We absolutely love Justina’s room makeover. She has us itching to put wall murals all over our homes!

To read the rest of her tips and see more beautiful photos of the space, head over to her blog, The Jungalow.

November 12, 2015


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