Paste the wall wallpaper is one of the newest innovations on the market! The application is quick, easy, and nearly mess-free.
All you have to do is apply the paste to the wall, like you would with paint, and stick the wallpaper on top of it!

The most important step is to prime your wall with a latex based primer before you hang the paper. This will ensure an easy and non-damaging removal process.

Note: Not all wallpapers can be applied this way. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions.

7 Steps for Hanging Paste The Wall Wallpaper

1. Measure Your Wall
Measure both the height and width to figure out how many strips you’ll need to cut.
2. Create Plumb Line
This is a horizontal line made with a level, that will be your guide for hanging your first strip. You’ll want this to be one inch shorter than the width of the wallpaper. This will give you a little bit of extra paper in the corner to be trimmed later. Most walls are not perfectly straight, so this allows you to get a perfectly flush strip.
3. Cut First Strip
Once you cut four first strip to length (leave a few extra inches on either end), pre-cut the rest of the strips, making sure to match up the pattern repeat.
4. Paste Wall With Roller
Apply a clear adhesive one strip width at a time.
5. Hang First Strip
Match your strip up with the plumb line to ensure a perfectly straight line.
6. Smooth Strip with Brush
You’ll naturally get air bubbles when you apply wallpaper. Smooth them out with a brush, smoothing tool, or your hand. Wipe off any adhesive that gets pushed out.
7. Match Up Repeat for Next Strips
Applying the paste one strip at a time will allow your to perfectly match your next strip. Try to match it up as best as you can when you first stick it down, then gently shift it into place as you smooth down.


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