1.Wallpaper Your Backsplash


Image via WPS Paint and Decorating Center

Wallpaper can instantly bring you backsplash from boring to beautiful!

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2. Paint Your Bathroom Vanity

Black paint adds instant glamour.

3. Cover Your Ugly Light Fixtures


Via Amanda Katherine

We love this idea! It’s especially perfect for rentals where you may not be able to change the fixtures.

4. Create a Custom Doormat

With this DIY you can go¬†for an old classic, or a modern take such as, “Shut The Front Door.”

5. Cover a Hutch or Bookshelf with Peel & Stick Wallpaper

This works especially well for glass front cabinets.

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6. Stencil Your Coffee Table

You could do this project in ten minutes and it gives the table a whole new style!

7. Add Rustic Shelves to Your Kitchen

The open shelving trend is still strong.

8. Cover Your Stair Risers With Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Not only will this give your stairs a stylish finish, it also protects them from scratches.

Get the wallpaper here!

9. Add A Window Box

Spring is almost here! Bring on the flowers!

10. Cover Your Counter Tops in Marble Adhesive Film


Go from ugly laminate to chic white marble.

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