Get Your Wardrobe in Order for 2016

The new year is a time to get things in order. A time to do the things you’ve been putting off for the past few months or even years.
One way to kickstart your new year is by organizing your closet. A clean closet will help to speed up your morning routine and buy you extra time to try out the healthy breakfast ideas you found on Pinterest!


pair down your closet

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Paring down your closet is one of the most important ways to make it fresh and clean. No matter how well you organize, if there’s no space in your closet, there’s not much that a bin or shelf can do. When making the decision to keep or let something go, ask yourself:
Do I enjoy wearing this?
Does this fit?
Is this comfortable?
If the answer to any of these questions is no, it may be time to remove it from your closet. You can bring your clothes to donation centers, give them to a friend, sell them on resale sites, or recycle them into something new.

Color Code

color code your closet

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Organizing your closet by color can make it both aesthetically pleasing and easier to find things. Whether your closet is bursting with all the colors of the rainbow, or goes from black to grey to white, color coding makes for a clean looking closet. This can be done in minutes and doesn’t require anything other than a basic understanding of the color wheel.

Hide It Away

under bed storage tips

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 Bins, baskets, and suitcases are a great way to store items that can’t be hung, or are too bulky to store elsewhere. Sweaters, scarves, belts, and sheets can be put in these tidy containers and tucked away. Store them under the bed, on shelves, or on the floor of the your closet. This is especially great for tucking away seasonal items that you won’t need for a few months.

Coat Hanger Chic

matching your coat hangers

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The perfect way to polish off your closet is with matching coat hangers. Switching from an assortment of colors and types to one style of hanger instantly streamlines the look of a wardrobe. Velvet flocked hangers are great for holding slippery items of clothing, wire hangers have a thin design to maximize space, wooden hangers add a boutique feel, and plastic hangers are a great way to maintain a post-holiday budget.

Wait, I Don’t Have A Closet!

no closet organization tips

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No closet, no problem!
If you live in a dorm or apartment without a closet, there are ways to work around it. Use clothing racks, open shelving, and all of the tips above to make your wardrobe a centerpiece of your decor. With this design you’ll never forget about items in your wardrobe, and you’ll be able to admire your favorite pieces all the time.