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A white marble wallpaper from the Eclispe collection.

A white marble wallpaper from the Eclipse collection.

When you first think of marble, most likely surfaces such as countertops, sinks and backsplashes will cross your mind because that’s where we’re used to seeing it displayed. However, there are actually a host of other decor options when it comes to this fascinating texture.

marble fireplace

A black marble fireplace steals the spotlight in this modern living space via My Domaine

Although most common in white, marble comes in a variety of other colors such as black, grey and blue. Swirls of pink or flecks of gold are also options when selecting your perfect marble finish.

marble countertop

Perfect gold details via Birmingham Home & Garden

So what other surfaces can marble adorn? Let’s take a look below at some marvelous uses of marble in the home.

marble table

Image via A House in the Hills

Instead of opting for a traditional kitchen table, choose one that’s marble! Already stylish and chic, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is setting the table; the rest is done for you!

marble shower

Image via Pinterest

Looking extra chic inside a shower stall, marble can truly transform your bathroom space, making it appear to be as luxurious as the loo inside Buckingham Palace.

white marble peel and stick wallpaper

This white peel and stick wallpaper is so easy to apply!

Agate Turquoise wallpaper

A gorgeous turquoise wallpaper design from the Azmaara Collection

Bring a marble look to walls with wallpaper! Adding both texture and depth, this wonderful decor option helps you to customize your space without spending a fortune on the real thing.

marbled artwork

A framed marble print can reawaken boring walls via Pinterest

Using is marble as an accent in your home is another wonderful use that allows you to play with texture in a much smaller form.

marble tray

A subtle and elegant use of marble via Wonderdeco

marble surfboard

Add this marble surfboard in your entryway for instant gratification via Apartment Therapy

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November 9, 2015