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White Washed Wood Wall Mural by Komar

White Washed Wood Wall Mural by Komar

We recently stayed in a very hip hotel in NYC hotel where all of the halls were wrapped in a rich espresso brown ostrich skin. Of course, this chic and luxurious look was not accomplished with real ostrich skin, that would have been an atrocity! The design was done with a faux effect wallpaper, one that authentically created the organic beauty of an exotic leather with PETA approved tactics. Achieving a faux effect with wallpaper is often much easier and less costly way to get the decor look you desire, without sacrificing any of the texture, color or architectural impact. Having walls wrapped in leather – even rare animal skins like crocodile or snake skin is very modern and striking. Revamping walls with a completely new material, like tile, rustic wood, stones or brick can also be achieved well with wallpaper. With rich textured embosses, lavish printing techniques and artistic ink finishes, an exceptional wallpaper can create a completely new identity for your walls. Wallpaper is the fabric of your homes outfit, and it is not limited to patterns like flowers, stripes and damasks. These faux wallpapers are easy to install and oh-so-chic.

Snakeskin Wallpaper from a designer luxurious heavy weight Italian collection

Snakeskin Wallpaper from Tresca a luxurious designer heavy weight Italian collection

Cairo Taupe Leather Wallpaper from Textures, Techniques & Finishes

Cairo Taupe Leather Wallpaper from Textures, Techniques & Finishes

For a space that is rustic or modern, for a masculine room or an industrial loft space, faux leather wallpaper creates a sophisticated allure. Leather looks are intriguing, powerful and timeless.

Modern Kitchen with Exposed Brick Wall Mural by Komar

Modern kitchen with Exposed Brick Wall Mural by Komar

A trompe l'oeil wallpaper to create a zen like pebble texture

A trompe l’oeil wallpaper to create a zen like pebble texture

Stones and bricks are very fashionable for walls. From a country chateau to a contemporary, open floor plan or a feng shui design, layering stone and brick textures into a room adds a chic interest. Wish you had an exposed brick wall, or want to create a soothing river rock detail? Shop trompe l’oeil wall murals and high relief embossed wallpapers, even paintable designs, to get the look.

Faux Wood Textured Wallpaper Authentically Creates a Rustic Look and Feel

Faux Wood Textured Wallpaper Authentically Creates a Rustic Look and Feel

Chic Beach Wood Wallpaper Mural Gives Your Walls a Fresh Look

Chic Beach Wood Wallpaper Mural Gives Your Walls a Fresh Look

A wood texture for walls is rustic-chic, re-imagining the surface of your walls with the authentic, natural charm of wood. Whether you would like to create a log cabin country warmth, or a more eclectic reclaimed feel, wood panel wallpaper can instantly capture the look of wood panels without a contractor.

A beautiful sea glass inspired tiled bathroom, created with a textured wallpaper

A beautiful sea glass inspired tiled bathroom, created with a textured wallpaper

A prestigious tile effect with a pearlescent finish. Designer tile wallpaper

Designer tile wallpaper creates a prestigious tile effect with a pearlescent finish.

Tiles are a beautiful way to add texture, color and patterned intrigue to a space. Especially popular in kitchen and bathroom decor, a tiled finish can increase the value and appeal of a home. However, tiling your walls can be a very expensive and labor intensive process. These tile wallpaper designs can genuinely replicate the look and feel of actual tiles, sea glass, porcelain, mosaic tiles, or terra cotta.

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How To: Decorating with Geometrics


Image via Pinterest

It’s no surprise that geometric patterns have made their way from Greek art to fashion to furniture, wallpaper, rugs, pillows and more! They continue to lie at the heart of great design and can transform even a drab room into a chic and stylish sanctuary. Geometric designs help to both modernize a home’s look and bring visual interest and depth to a room with a variety of simple shapes including diamonds, chevron prints, hexagons, circles and waves. Finding the right way to incorporate these uncomplicated prints into your personal space can be a headache and challenge when knowing where to begin may seem like an unending puzzle. However, we found with just a few elementary tips and tricks, decorating with geometrics can be as simple as pairing wine with cheese and black with white!


Images via Pinterest & Design Milk

Starting with easy, basic changes is the first step to transforming your room into a modern oasis. Some simple ideas include hanging geometric style art or paintings with a modern twist on walls, redoing shelves or bookshelves incorporating square, diamond or block print patterns and finally bringing in a chevron rug or pillows as accents to your décor. Just remember that geometric prints are both bold and loud so only changing a few pieces is necessary.


Geometric rugs are a wonderful solution to starting small. They bring both texture and balance to your room without being overpowering (image via Pinterest)

When working with geometrics, the two most important tips are making sure that the colors in the room flow properly together so they are not competing against one another, as well as the ratio of prints to solids is balanced. You need to have a place for the eye to breathe, away from all the attention grabbing elements. By creating spaces that are clean and devoid of design, your room will be proportional and inviting rather than busy and unwelcoming.


A perfect example of balance, a geometric wallpaper offset by a solid duvet cover and pillows (image via Brewster Home Fashions)


With coordinating colors and perfect balance, this room provides a wonderful example of geometric decorating done right (image via Brewster Home Fashions)

The last tip to keep in mind when incorporating geometrics into your room is when layering patterns and prints. Keep scale and balance in mind, offset smaller prints with slightly larger designs so they work together rather than overpowering one another.


A large scale geometric rug offset by a small scale contemporary art design (image via decoist.com)

Have your own tips when decorating with geometrics? Share them below!

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Quick Bedroom Makeover: Re-Style Your Bed

Giving your bed a makeover is one of the quickest and most striking ways to update the ambiance in your bedroom without a big price tag. A well adorned bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom, and is captivating and inviting. You don’t have to get new furniture or even re-arrange your bedroom to achieve a fresh and fashionable update. You can work with what you have and add some new accents to create a layered oasis of beauty on your bed. Here are a few tips for achieving a magazine-worthy bed that you will dream about all day!

1. Layer Textures and Patterns

DIY Bedroom makeover with an updated bedding arrangement

Layers of texture and pattern give this bed a fashionable intrigue

One of the greatest ways to add a designer look to your bed is to layer textures and patterns. The bed above mixes blue and taupe stripes and damask prints with solid brown linen pillows and a chunky knit espresso throw blanket. These patterns and finishes coordinate without matching perfectly for a sophisticated beauty. Overly matchy-matchy prints or solids lose design impact, so that pillows and blankets get lost and are not noticeable. The addition of a plush knit texture with the smooth brushed cotton finish of the other elements adds an inviting layer of comfort to the bed, making it appear warm and stylish – just like the perfect cardigan finishes an outfit!

DIY Bedroom Makeover Ides Decorating Your Bed a Beautiful Bed

image via Brewster Home Fashions

DIY Bedroom Makeover Ides Decorating Your Bed a Beautiful Bed

image via Brewster Home Fashions

2. A Sculpture of Pillows

Is there such thing as too many pillows? We like to think more is more in the pillow department, but it really depends on your lifestyle and personality. A streamlined arrangement can be lovely too, as long as having minimal pillows attunes with the sight lines of the headboard and stylings of the space. For this look we recommend stacking at least 2 pillows in neat rows. To arrange a gorgeous assortment of decorative pillows, working in 3 rows can be a helpful guide. Place 2 or 3 (depending on the size of your bed) matching euro pillows or king sized pillows in the back. For this layer you simply cannot go wrong with crisp white shams. Then add a row of 2 pillows in a color or print to coordinate with your bed spread. For the third row,  the cherry on the top of your pillow sundae, arrange 1-3 decorative pillows in the center, and have fun with different shapes and prints.

DIY Bed Make Over Bedroom Decor Idea

image via Houzz

DIY Bed Make Over Bedroom Decor Idea

image via Brewster Home Fashions

DIY Bed Make Over Bedroom Decor Idea

image via Brewster Home Fashions

3. Show Off Your Assets

Once you have your plans in place for layering your bed with luxurious linens and creating the perfect pillowscape, be sure to show off your work with some deliberate placement techniques. Experiment with folding back your comforter to show a peep of the pretty sheets. Be sure that your bed spread does’t go all of the way to the floor if you have a cute bed skirt to coordinate. If you have a platform bed, try tucking everything underneath the mattress for a streamlined and contemporary style. If you are adding a throw blanket, change up your look by draping it lazily over the corner one day, and then folding it for a neat accent stripe the next. Check out these images for some more inspiration.

DIY Bed Make Over Bedroom Decor Idea

image via Paperblog

DIY Bed Make Over Bedroom Decor Idea


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Sunny Hues: Decorating with Yellow!


“Painting your walls yellow is like creating a room full of sunshine.” ~Suzanne Moutis, Executive Editor for Style at Home (image via houzz)

Yellow is the color of spring and summer, of sunshine and warmth, sunflowers and daffodils. Being the most radiant of all the colors on the spectrum, it is known to inspire happiness and optimism as well as creativity and fun. With an array of lemon-infused decor ideas, learn how you can easily bring sunny decor to life in your own space (big or small!).


Add yellow accents for a pop of color (images via houzz & pinterest)


Get that perfect infusion of yellow with wallpaper (images via Brewster Home Fashions & houzz)

With a variety of different shades, yellow can actually have contrasting personalities. Pale hues are balanced and soft and often serve as a neutral tone. Their soothing nature tends to invoke a feeling of serenity and relaxation. Bright hues on the other hand are loud and bold and can be overpowering if used excessively. These colors tend to work as perfect accents to a room through chairs, linens and even bookshelves.

This pale yellow room is both warm and inviting (image via pinterest)


Bright pillow and lamp shade details are both happy & cheerful décor accents (image via houzz)

Yellow can also be a fabulous compliment to a collection of other shades, blue and black being a favorite. With a longstanding history of being a classic color combination, yellow and blue can inspire a nautical beach look with navy tones and sunshine hues or can also offer a more eclectic style with turquoise shades and toned down lemon hues. Both combos are a chic and elegant décor choice.


A sophisticated bedroom made stylish with pops of turquoise and yellow (image via houzz)

Darker shades look ultra-chic when combined with black and white accents (image via pinterest)

A room styled in a yellow and black color scheme can be both modern and cozy. Adding in a warm hue like yellow softens the harsh and overpowering nature of a dark bold color. By adding in fresh pops of white, this beautiful blend can create a room that is as happy as it is polished.


A bold, black wall is not overpowering when mixed with yellow & white details (image via houzz)


A pale yellow couch and walls tone down the jet-black details (image via homedit.com)

Still have questions? Leave them in the comment field below!

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Mixed Metals

Metallics… the color of radiance

Metallics add dazzle and flash to the world. While some colors absorb light, a metallic finish sees the light of the room and ups the ante, reflecting it back into the space with a wink. They are eye-catching. Did you ever hear the urban legend that gold and silver clash? Well, that’s simply not true. Mixing metals is fun and totally fashionable. Mica flakes can be found in the cave paintings of ancient civilizations, still sparkling today. Even back in paleo times man was looking to add a little glitz! Today, decor featuring a metallic sheen can bring luxurious sophistication to fine spaces, or a chic edge to a more modern style. From vases and candlesticks to shimmering wallpaper and gilded furniture finishes, metallics bring a captivating glow to your home. We recommend infusing some shimmer into decor in doses similar to the radiant spaces below:

splash of silver metallic in decor

metallic silver poofs add sizzle to this decor by Jonathan Adler

splash of gold metallic in decor

A Moroccan influenced decor with golden accents

splash of silver metallic in decor

Shimmering silver metallic accessories against a luminous silver wallpaper

Metallic Turquoise Decor Idea

Silver Blue Metallic Turquoise Decor Idea

Captivating metallic decor idea silver lamp

A silver lamp plays off of the light of the room

Hollywood Glamour metallic accent bathroom decor

Hollywood Glamour metallic accent bathroom decor via decohollywoodblogspot.com

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